Lawn Care & Lawn Pest Control Grapevine TX

June 7, 2021

As a family owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on keeping our residential and commercial customers lawns of Grapevine TX looking their best! With quality products, we provide lawn care and pest control treatments year’ round. We are licensed and experienced to handle all your lawn needs giving you the lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Lawn Care

Keep your lawn looking healthy and dense with the proper lawn care from Higher Ground. Our team of experts are highly trained to understand what your lawn and soil needs for proper maintenance. With each application timed to meet the needs of each season, your lawn will stay healthy and strong. We apply the proper application 6 times a year. For our new clients, we place you on our fast track with 2 – 3 treatments within 30 days. After the initial fast track, we then add you to our regular schedule of lawn care.

Lawn Fertilization

Our high-quality lawn fertilization treatments are golf resort quality! We spray liquid foliar organic / synthetic blended fertilizers for a slow release of nutrition throughout the season. With our blend of liquid foliar nutritional fertilizers to stimulate root growth, your grass will be strong and healthy. A stronger lawn not only adds beauty but will also be able to fight off weeds and disease.

Weed Control

Working hard to maintain your yard only to have weeds appear is frustrating! Our team of experienced lawn care professionals will assess your soil to determine the best way to provide weed control. To control broadleaf and grassy weeds we use emergent and post-emergents. For tougher weeds, we use herbicides that will target the weeds without doing harm to your turfgrass. With our treatments you’ll soon enjoy your weed free yard!

Lawn Pest Control

When pests are destroying your yard, schedule your lawn pest control treatment with our team of professionals so you can enjoy your outdoors! We treat from fire ants, grubs, ticks, fleas and more to keep your lawn pest free! For the protection of your family and pets, our lawn care professionals will apply the right treatments to keep your lawn pest free!

Fire Ant Control

With the fun of warmer weather there also come the unwelcome visit of fire ants! To avoid their unsightly activity on your lawn and the chance of a family member or pet stepping into a fire ant pile, we can treat your property for fire ant control. Don’t take a chance of getting bit by a fire ant and dealing with the burning, itching and swelling! Let us keep them off your yard so you can safely enjoy being outdoors!

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