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June 7, 2021

At Higher Ground, we provide quality residential and commercial lawn services for the Grand Prairie TX area. Our customers rely on our high-end products and old-fashioned customer service. As a family owned and operated company, you have our commitment to provide the service your lawn needs to keep it looking good year-round. We are licensed professionals and stay up to date on the latest techniques for lawn care, fertilization, weed and pest control services so you can relax and enjoy your outdoor area!

Lawn Care

With busy lives, we can handle the time-consuming care that’s needed to keep your lawn looking its best! As a local, family-owned company, we understand our local weather and when applications should be applied to your lawn for the maximum benefit. We’ll assess each lawn to determine the necessary nutrients that may be missing from your soil. We apply lawn care treatment six times throughout the year. Each application provides treatments for lawn care, weed and pest control. With each application, your lawn will stay healthy and dense. You’ll enjoy getting back outside to a beautiful lawn!

For new customers, we apply 2-3 treatments within 30 days to get you on the fast track! After the initial treatments, we will add you to our regularly scheduled lawn care maintenance.

Lawn Fertilization

To make sure your lawn stays healthy and lush, we apply a blend of liquid foliar nutritional fertilizers. These specialized fertilizers help to activate root development to keep your grass strong to fight off disease and weeds. With these fertilizers and our lawn care maintenance, your lawn will provide added curb appeal and beauty to your home! You’ll enjoy getting back outside with your family and friends!

Weed Control

Weeds can be any eyesore! Our team of professionals will carefully assess your soil to determine the best course of action against any weeds. By applying missing nutrients, we will keep your lawn healthy to keep weeds away! We use emergent and post-emergent to control broadleaf and grassy weeds.  For extra tough weeds, we use specially selected herbicide to target just the weeds while leaving your turfgrass unharmed.

Lawn Pest Control

Our dependable and knowledgeable team can provide the necessary lawn pest control treatments so you can get outside again! Don’t let lawn pests take away your outdoor enjoyment! From fire ants, grubs to mites, ticks, fleas and more, we can control pests from destroying your yard. Plus, we will keep them under control so they don’t make their way inside your home on shoes and pets!

Fire Ant Control

Fire ant bites can cause a lot of pain! With the arrival of warmer weather, they become an unwelcome guest to your yard. To avoid having family, friends or a pet accidentally step into a pile of fire ants and have to handle the burning, itching and swelling of these painful bites, call us to schedule your fire ant treatment today to keep them under control and these unsightly guests on your lawn!

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