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June 7, 2021

When you need professional lawn care in Arlington TX, Higher Ground is the commercial and residential lawn care company for you! As a family owned and operated company, we are committed to quality service with high end products. With our experience, our team of professionals will treat your lawn with the necessary products to keep it healthy year’ round!

Lawn Care

Has your lawn lost its beauty? Do you want to have a lush, healthy lawn again? Call us today to schedule your lawn assessment! With our high-quality products and scheduled lawn treatments, your lawn will stay green and healthy! With year’ round care, we apply the right treatments for each season. With six annual treatments, each application works with the temperature and season to provide a healthy lawn, weed and pest control.

For our new clients, we’ll apply a fast-track approach so your lawn will be right on track for each seasonal application of treatment. With 2-3 treatments within 30 days, we’ll bring you right up to speed with our maintenance.

Lawn Fertilization

We understand how and when to provide the quality of products that provide lawn fertilization for a strong and healthy lawn. We spray golf resort quality liquid foliar organic and synthetic blended fertilizers. Our products will stimulate root growth to keep your lawn lush and dense. As a local company we understand the weather and can apply slow-release fertilizers that will work with the temperature to provide treatment for the season when they are applied.

Weed Control

Are weeds taking over your lawn? We can assess the best weed control treatments for your lawn to help get your lawn looking great again! We use both emergent and post-emergent treatments during our lawn maintenance visits to handle all types of weeds. Our experienced lawn care professionals will examine your soil and when needed apply selective herbicides to get those extra hard to control weeds without harming the turfgrass.  

Lawn Pest Control

From fire ants, grubs, mites, ticks, fleas and more, lawn pests can take the fun out of your yard! Take back your yard with our lawn pest control treatments. We will safely apply treatments so you and your family and pets can enjoy being outside again! When we arrive at each visit for our customers, we can evaluate your yard for pests during each visit to determine if additional treatments are needed.

Fire Ant Control

Don’t let the fear of fire ants on your lawn scare you! Fire ant bites can cause a lot of pain. With our treatment applications, our team of professional will target the entire fire ant population that is present to keep them away. In addition to swelling, burning or itching, blisters can form as well. Before a family or pet has a mishap with fire ants, schedule your treatment today to keep fire ants under control! Our specialized pesticide treatment will help control and keep fire ants away!

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