Fire Ant Treatment and Prevention

January 15, 2021
Fire Ant Treatment and Prevention

Texans are no strangers to a wide variety of bugs and pests that can cause damage to your lawn. While fire ants do negatively impact the health of the grass surrounding their nests, these red ants are more of a nuisance to people themselves.

Fire ants have an aggressive nature and will attack anything that disturbs their nest. Bites leave behind an instant sharp pain followed immediately by a burning sensation. After the burning subsides, the bite marks will begin to get increasingly itchy for the next two to three days.  One singular bite may not be so bad, but fire ants are always in a group and will attack as a group. You will most likely leave any encounter with at least several bites.

How to Remove Existing Fire Ant Colonies

How do you enjoy your outdoors with the possibility of encountering fire ants? Simple. You can’t. It’s especially dangerous for those with children or pets who are frequently running around outside and playing in the yard. Your best solution for controlling these aggressive insects is a specialized pesticide lawn treatment.

You must be careful not to disturb the mound before treatment; otherwise, you risk an angry swarm of fire ants emerging. In many cases, this risk factor is why many Texans trust a pest control specialist to handle. There are a couple of ways to go about ridding your lawn from fire ants. The DIY method with your local big box store diluted product or our professional products requiring state licensing that are much, much more effective.

Our product has multiple modes of action to kill fire ants quickly and ongoing residually for the year as well as many other nuisance pest such as fleas, ticks, mole crickets, etc.

Added bonus: Our Products provides control of fleas, ticks, and mole crickets!

Our product of choice must be applied by a Texas Dept. of Agriculture Licensed Applicator. We are pleased with the results we see and our customers are happily gaining their lawns back. We like to perform applications early in the season from March through April as soil temps rise and ant rise from their winter subterranean homes.

Life is better outside, so make sure yours is safe. Contact HigherGround Lawn Care & Lighting to schedule your fire ant prevention treatment this year.

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