Benefits of An Organic Hybrid Approach for Fertilization and Weed Control

March 22, 2021

Benefits of An Organic Hybrid Approach for Fertilization andWeed Control

The “organic vs conventional” debate has been going on for years in the lawn care industry and it does not look like it will end anytime soon. However, more and more agriculture and lawn care professionals are seeing the benefits of taking the best from both worlds in a hybrid treatment program.

Why Choose an Organic Hybrid Approach?

Many homeowners and businesses with a heavy environmental focus love gravitating towards 100% organic products. While all organic products work wonders when treating soil and turf (despite the higher price tag), a 100% organic product does not protect well against weeds. Conventional lawn care products on the other hand are highly effective again weeds, but as many are aware, these chemical-based products are not healthy for the environment. What is the solution?

Lawn Fertilization

Opt for organic. Benefits Include:

• Compared to conventional, organic fertilizer releases nutrients at a slower rate allowing for a season-long supply of nutrient intake for the soil

• Compared to conventional, organic fertilizer is safer because there is less nutrient loss to the environment

• Organic matter (which is lost with conventional) improves overall soil health and soil structure

• Increases water-holding and cation exchange capacity

• A valuable source of micronutrients to grass and plants

• Easier to apply

Weed Control

Opt for conventional. Benefits Include:

• More effective with less effort

• The lack of weeds allows for turf and plants to flourish and thrive on a larger scale

• Spot treatment available

• Easy to apply

Combine the products and utilize them in specific areas of your lawn care treatment to receive the best results within your lawn and plant life!

To learn more about the products we use, contact Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting. We have spent years developing the ideal balance between organic and chemical-based lawn treatments which allows your lawn to live its best and most opulent life!

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