Armyworm Invasion: How to Deal With This Invasive Pest

July 28, 2021

While the name “Armyworms” might sound like a species from a science fiction film, rest assured these small but mighty pests are all too real. Native to the southern region of the United States, these insects get their name from their movement across outdoor spaces in an army-like fashion, devouring just about everything in sight. They’ll consume new sod, turfgrass, corn, cotton, soybeans, sorghum – if food is scarce, armyworms are certain to find a suitable meal somewhere, and what better place than your lawn?

What Are They?

Armyworms are a type of caterpillar that are the larval form of the armyworm moth. These moths can lay up to 2,000 eggs that can hatch in just a matter of days. There are a variety of species of armyworm, such as the yellowstriped armyworm, the beet armyworm, the true armyworm, and most commonly, the fall armyworm. The fall armyworm is responsible for the majority of the damage to turfgrass in places like golf courses, residential properties and outdoor athletic facilities.

What’s The Damage?

Armyworms can cause a great deal of destruction to your landscaping, so it’s vital to move quickly if you believe you’ve discovered them. They start by chewing through the plant cells on your foliage, leaving behind what appears to be a “windowpane effect.” Always in search of edible greenery, they will attack and eat just about everything. When working together in large numbers, as their name suggests, they can consume entire lawns overnight.

How To Get Rid of Them?

Fortunately, although armyworm outbreaks can be serious, typically their attacks are much smaller in scope. There are also environmental factors that keep this pest in check, such as weather, and natural enemy species like wasps and flies. Other predators, like ground beetles, birds, skunks and rodents also make a meal out of these pesky larvae.

And if all else fails, a pest control and lawn treatment service like what Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting offers is more than substantial enough to effectively get rid of the armyworms. Best of all, the insecticide treatments will selectively control the armyworm invasion without harming the other, more beneficial insects that inhabit your yard.

Don’t let the armyworms take over your yard. Call the professionals at Higher Ground today to schedule a lawn treatment that will get rid of them for you!

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