Are You Encouraging Fungus Growth in Your Yard?

February 10, 2021

Many homeowners unknowingly turn their yards into the ideal environment for fungus to grow. Various types of fungi exist that target trees, shrubbery, and grass. St. Augustine turfs are highly susceptible to fungal disease. Unfortunately, tree fungi and lawn fungus will not go away even with fungicides, especially when Texas has two heavy seasons of rain per year that only feed into the spread of fungus. Fungicides only temporarily suppress and pause fungal activity until more favorable environmental conditions arise. They are useful and beneficial but don’t let anyone tell you they’ll get rid of it, it’s a fact of nature and all around us.

Overwatering and how you water plays an influential role in fungal growth. The ideal environment for fungus is a mixture of water, shade, and humidity. Two of those three elements are natural and inevitable circumstances of Texas weather, so homeowners need to avoid contributing to the problem by not only overwatering their yards but improperly watering their yards between April and September. We are not saying to let your lawn dry out, but properly watering your lawn and shrubbery will make a difference in keeping all your plant life healthy.

Watering your lawn in the morning multiple times, less time but more frequently, is one trick that allows your lawn to receive the necessary chemical compound that allows for proper nutrient intake. By providing your lawn with water during the coolest points of the day, you are allowing your plant-life to gain the full benefits of water without interference. Too much direct sunlight and the water will evaporate before a plant can fully utilize the compound to absorb all the nutrients from the soil. When humidity is too high, the water acts as a catalyst for harmful mold and bacteria growth. This is why we encourage watering at 12am, 3am and 6am to rinse off fungi multiplying in the guttation fluid on the leaf blades.

Finding a balance in your lawn care is difficult for many in Texas. No one wants to waste resources, money, or their time just to continuously fight brown patches, fairy rings, take all root rot, and other various fungal problems. Having a detailed lawn care plan designed for each stage of Texas’s natural weather patterns will make your efforts more impactful giving you the green lawn you have always wanted.

High Ground Lawn Care & Lighting created an annual lawn care schedule as an outline for our community to follow. A well-designed plan is the only 1/3rd of what will keep your outdoor space flourishing. Proper application and education are the remaining factors that will keep your plant life growing. If you believe you are experiencing turf fungus or any other plant disease, contact Higher Ground at (682) 206-3596.

After examining the soil and assess your lawn’s overall state, we work with you to plan out the best course of action that will bring your outdoor space back to full health.

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