2 Landscape Lighting 2021 Trends to Consider For Your Home

December 10, 2020
2 Landscape Lighting 2021 Trends to Consider For Your Home

This past year brought about many changes including the rise in outdoor entertaining. With more people spending time at home, extending one’s living space into their backyard has become a priority.  Installing or upgrading your outdoor lighting will open new doors for at home living and entertaining especially while we are in a time where most socialization with others is now preferred to be outside.


As people invest in their outdoor living area, lighting plays a prominent role in creating that functional and inviting atmosphere. From hurricane lanterns that accent a pool area to uplighting your favorite foliage, there are many designs and techniques to create a one-of-a-kind backyard escape. Here are 3 popular trends many homeowners and landscape lighting designers


1. Less Is More Approach

You do not need to break the bank for a beautiful and well-lit outdoor atmosphere. In fact, it is crucial to have contrasting areas of dark and light to highlight the areas where you want to draw the eye. How your light fixtures are used is why finding the right design is so important. A little light can go a long way in transforming that way your outdoors looks at night.


2. Smart Lights

One of the most popular trends (and for good reason) is LED Smart Lighting. This type of landscape lighting can be easily controlled through a mobile app. One element you can control at the touch of a button is the color of these LED lights. In an instant, you can switch from relaxing warm colors like oranges and yellows to tranquil cool colors such as blues and purples.


A well-designed, custom built landscape lighting system directly reflects in your home and property value. Because of 2020, there is a greater appreciation for quality outdoor living spaces in one’s own backyard. Not only is outdoor lighting now sought after for entertaining purposes, but the additional security landscape lighting provides will continue to be a major plus for potential buyers.


If you are interested in adding light to your home, contact Higher Ground Lawn Care & Lighting to discuss what you envision for your outdoor space. We use the existing characteristics of a architecture and landscaping to influence our designs, so you are left with a truly breathtaking atmosphere that is unique to you. Don’t forget to ask us about our smart lighting!


“You, LORD, are my lamp; the LORD turns my darkness into light” 2 Samuel 22:29

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