Commercial Outdoor Lighting

NiteTime Decor Offers Commerial Grade Lighting

Business owners/managers are always looking for an ‘edge’ against competitors. The primary motives for lighting a commercial property are to attract attention, to create a comfortable atmosphere, and to enhance the ‘majesty’ of the commercial property.

For retail and restaurants, you want to create an atmosphere where people will stay longer, and spend more money. For businesses closed by nightfall, you want to capture the opportunity for after-hours exposure to passer-bys such as dental offices, dealerships, salons, etc.

NTD Upgrade your business

Higher Ground’s commercial installations offer the same exceptional quality as our residential systems, but with enhanced durability to stand up to hard-working landscapers and maintenance crews. A NiteTime Decor lighting system by Higher Ground provides increased security while enhancing your building’s architectural details.

Higher Ground technicians are experts in the complex logistics of commercial lighting, from securing the transformers to installing complicated on-off functions. Our commercial fixtures are designed to handle up to 75 watts—far more than most residential fixtures. However, the same artistry that goes into our residential lighting is equally apparent in our commercial installations. We combine attention to increased safety & security at your place of business  with the beauty of thoughtfully executed residential lighting. Imagine how impressive an outdoor dining area or poolside can be with added ambiance from a NiteTime Decor lighting system by Higher Ground.