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A weed is any plant somewhere you don’t want it to be. We use pre-emergents and post-emergents to control your broadleaf and grassy weeds. The best defense is a strong, dense, and vibrant turfgrass due to maintaining healthy soil biology. We take special care to examine your soil, assess your lawn and ensure we’re applying the proper treatment to make your yard healthy and green again. And for those extra tough weeds, we use selective herbicides to target these without harming your primary turfgrass.

Weed Identification

The first step in treating any weed infestation is to identify the weed in question. Our team is specially trained in weed identification, for all of the species relevant to our area. If we cannot identify the weed, we cannot apply proper treatment. We will always be actively inspecting your property on the lookout for potential issues.

grassy weeds

Grassy Weeds

Just as their name would suggest, grassy weeds take on an appearance that is eerily similar to your turf. This is how they often go unnoticed, until they have taken over a substantial part of your lawn. With only slight differences between the look of your native turf, and many grass weed varieties, close inspection is needed for early identification. Some simple examples of grassy weeds include crabgrass, dallisgrass, goosegrass, and KR bluestem. Each of these weeds could be mistaken for turf, so diligence is required to rid your lawn of these invaders.

sedge weeds


Very similar to grassy weeds, sedges are grass-like plants that cause problems in both lawns and gardens worldwide. They are more easily distinguished from your turf than grassy weeds, but are more detrimental to your landscape. Generally, sedges are identified by their flowering stems that rise above your turf. These weeds will compete for and take away nutrients from your proper plant material, and turf. What makes them most dangerous is their ability to spread belowground through rhizomes beneath your soil. Easy examples of local sedges include nutsedge, kyllinga, and water chestnut.

broadleaf weed

Broadleaf Weeds

By far the easiest weeds to identify, broadleaf weeds take on an appearance entirely unlike other plant material or turf in your landscape. These weeds may even have pretty flowers, but you cannot be fooled as they can become a deadly issue. Although identification is much easier, the same rigorous process must be taken on to keep them out of your property. Preventative pre-emergents, and post-emergents for those weeds that squeak through our defenses will keep your landscape happy and healthy. Easy examples of broadleaf weeds in our area include plantain, dandelion, clover, burdock, and thistle.

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I used TruGreen for several years but was never quite able to achieve a weed-free lawn. JP was responsive and thorough from start to finish. The results have been absolutely amazing!

Lonnie Garrison

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