“Life’s Better Outside!”

Below are other services outside of our Annual Program.

Weeds in Lawn
Weed Control
A weed is any plant somewhere you don’t want it to be. We use pre-emergents and post-emergents to control your broadleaf and grassy weeds.The best defense is a strong, dense and vibrant turf grass due to maintaining healthy soil biology. We take special care to examine your soil, assess your lawn and ensure we’re applying the proper treatment to make your yard healthy and green again.
But….for those extra tough grassy weeds we use selective herbicides to target these without harming you primary turfgrass. These weeds are usually Dallis Grass, Crab Grass, KR Bluestem, Johnson Grass, Goosegrass, Rescue, Sand or Spiny Spurs and several others. These are treated on a case by case basis and are not included on our annual program.
ant-macro-insect-red-40825 (1)
Lawn Pest Control

Fire ants are very aggressive and can really put a halt on enjoying your outdoor space. Let us help control these fiery little devils!

Grubs feed on the roots of our turfgrass and can create significant damage if left unchecked and untreated. Let us properly diagnose and defend your lawn against this common pest.

Mites, Ticks, Fleas, Chiggers, Chinch bugs, Bark Scales, Armyworms and Fungus are also concerns that we can treat as well.

tree and shrub care
Small Tree & Shrub Care
We offer foliar feeding and systemic pesticide applications for your shrubs and smaller ornamental trees. Our program consists of 3 applications per year.

In addition to our shrub and tree maintenance, upon request and need we have partnered with arborists to do systemic tree injections preventing or eradicating an existing disease or pest from the inside out.
Soil Test Analysis

We partner with Waypoint Analytical Labs in Memphis, TN to do the analysis and give us your report so we can customize a plan for your lawn. This is a stand alone service.