Mosquitoes are a nuisance aren’t they, not to mention a health threat? There’s nothing like trying to have a good time with family and friends having a BBQ in the backyard and everyone is getting bitten by mosquitoes. And who wants to bath themselves in chemicals to repel them?

In addition to that itchy irritant, these pest can carry diseases that are very disturbing such as West Nile Virus and now Zika which can cause neurological disorders and Microcephaly in unborn children. We are not trying to scare you into a sell as the likelihood of someone contracting this is slim but there is that chance. Moreover we recommend treatment just because they are a pest and we hate itching and scratching and want to enjoy our outdoor spaces!

​Don’t be a statistic, Play it safe and let us treat your property ASAP to help control these irritating pest.


  • First Time Customer Promo: $45 for first treatment
  • Treatments start at $65 plus tax up to 5,000 sq. ft of lawn/ornamental areas.

Good to know info:

  • Just as our lawn care plans, no contracts needed. You can casually start and stop at anytime, just let us know.
  • Kills 80-90% with residual control for 3-4wks.
  • One time treatments for special events or monthly ongoing treatments.
  • We only spray where they live and hang out.
  • We kill all stages with a tri-blend of 3 products that:
    • Kill and prevent growth of larvae and young mosquitos
    • Kill mosquitos on contact when applying treatment
    • Kill mosquitos residually
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Want Free Mosquito Control Treatments?

  • For every customer that you refer that signs on with Higher Ground, you’ll get a free treatment!
  • Give and receive at it’s best. Sharing pays!