Frequently Asked Questions

Is having a lawn care program all I need to do to have a beautiful lush lawn?

JP: Absolutely not! A lawn care program is only 1/3 of the formula. Throughout the season we advise our clients to ensure best cultural practices. If not done a lawn care program will have very little effect. If done, the lawn care program will be greatly enhanced.

What cities do you serve?

JP: For lawn care we service the south central side of the DFW metroplex where SW Dallas, SE Tarrant and NW Ellis counties meet. Cities listed in our footer.

For lighting we service pretty much the entire DFW metro area.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and our cities are listed in the footer. If you don’t see your city that doesn’t absolutely mean we don’t serve your area. Please reach out to us to find out for sure.

Do you offer any lawn care discounts?

JP: Yes we do! We give a 5% discount to first responders (firemen, paramedics, police) as well as retired and active duty military and senior citizens age 65 or older.

What is the best way to get rid of weeds?

JP: The best way is to have healthy thick dense turf. There is a saying out there that states, “Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants”, and turf grass is no different. The best thing to do for your lawn is to create a thick dense lawn by doing “THE BASICS“. This prevents weed seeds from getting to the soil and germinating and if they do germinate the grass crowds it out from getting sun and nutrients.

Why does your cost seem higher than your competitors?

JP: While it is true our per treatment cost is higher than most, our annual plan cost in its entirety is very competitive. See the example below.

I would encourage one to review their total annual plan cost not just per treatment. Other companies may charge you less per treatment because they make their money on frequency / volume of trips and may perform close to 10 trips a year.

Example: 6 treatments X $75 (our min. cost)= $450 vs. 10 treatments X $50= $500. To sum it up, look at the bigger annual picture and do the math – if you’re getting great results for 6 treatments at a lower annual price why would you want 10 at a higher price?

Ok that example makes sense, but why can’t you charge less per treatment?

JP: You will find many competitors with lower price points use cheaper synthetic / conventional granular products and or dilute their products yielding inferior results.

  • We strictly use more expensive liquid foliar nutritional’s – organics that have a quicker and more thorough absorption rate through the foliage. It doesn’t need time to irrigate and melt into the soil and then break down to be released into the roots. It works from the top down-quickly.
  • We also use the intended application rates for our herbicides as listed on the product labels.

Who is your supplier?

JP: The products described above are from a very respected supplier in our industry, Harrell’s. We looked at other supplier’s but felt an instant connection with Harrell’s product line aligning with our organic hybrid approach and only using liquid products. Not to mention their service was off the charts. It’s important to know we have partnered with a large, well known, well principled and financially sound supplier to help us bring you consistent results for as many years as you allow us.

For more info about Harrell’s you can visit their website.

Why does Higher Ground only have a 6 step annual plan when others have more?

JP: We don’t believe adding a trip or putting more products on your lawn just to make it FEEL like your getting more is environmentally ethical or honest. ​We have studied our trade and currently feel that 6 steps is simply all that is needed based on the high quality of products we use and their shelf life of effectiveness.

What is a pre-emergent?

JP: In simple terms, it is a herbicidal barrier that is applied to your lawn. Our product last 4-6 months. This barrier is put on “PRE” or before your weeds emerge, hence the name. Once your weed seeds lying dormant or sleeping in your soil start to germinate they contact the herbicide. Immediately the pre-emergent then goes to work controlling further germination or growth by creating a protective seal around the seeds to prevent germination. Essentially, these herbicides suffocate the plants and eliminate any chance of growth. Best applied in before spring and before winter for the annual weeds that grow in the oncoming seasons.

What is a post-emergent?

JP: Well this is a very similar product to a pre-emergent in the sense that it is also an herbicide yet it works differently. One difference is “when” it kills the weed and in this case it is “POST”, or after it has already emerged in your lawn. It does this by inhibiting photosynthesis or by translocating down through the foliage, stem and into the root system and killing it systemically – from the inside out. This can be applied anytime there are weeds visible and temperature isn’t too hot.

Why does Higher Ground mostly spray their fertilizers and herbicides vs. spreading granular forms?

JP: Simply because we know it works better in most cases. It cost a little more but we get better results.

  • Think about this as an example, do you get more nutrients from a concentrated juice extracted beverage or eating an apple? Of course it’s the concentrated beverage because your body can digest it quicker in it’s liquid form and use more of the nutrients than simply passing it through.

In the same way we use liquid applications because your soil and turf grass have a quicker and more thorough absorption rate of the additives we give it. We only apply one granular form a season and that is our base application of slow release nitrogen.

Why does Higher Ground use an organic hybrid approach in lieu of 100% organics?

JP: We feel it’s the best thing for a broad market. 100% organics are expensive but great for the soil and turf yet terrible with weed control. Conventional products are not that great for turf and soil environmentally, but great at controlling weeds. We took the best from both sides and married them into our program.

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