family christmas 2017

My name is JP and I’m the owner of HG. My wife and I started this company on the side of my full time job as a way to save more money. Little did we know that my job would be eliminated very soon presenting me the question: Do I go get another job and build someone else’s business or start my own?

Well you guessed it, Higher Ground was born in response to that very question. I have always wanted my own business and I love the outdoors. It seemed to be a natural fit not to mention all the fond memories as a child I have playing barefoot on my grandfather’s cool lush grass under a big oak tree.

However, I wanted to be different than the run of the mill lawn care company out there. As a Christian, I wanted this to be a purpose driven business with a HIGHER calling –

​1) To be environmentally ethical encouraging organic methods as much as possible keeping our pets and children safe.
2) Making a lasting impact by fighting injustice where we live.

Our Motto: “Life’s Better Outside!”
Our Mission Statement: Serve our customer’s properties as if they were our very own, promoting beautiful outdoor spaces encouraging family and friends to spend more time together outdoors, while glorifying the Lord who made it all.

Our Scripture: The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever. Isaiah 40:8​