At Higher Ground we take fire ants seriously! Because as most Texans know it’s a big problem, see the USDA map below.  That’s why we have sought out the best product for eradicating them from our commercial and residential client’s properties.

As I was getting my educational units for our license some time ago I was informed by an unbiased 3rd party, a Texas Department of Agriculture official, that the best product out there was the TopChoice Fire Ant product. We implemented it and never looked back!

Read further below to understand fire ant behavior and why we use Topchoice. Let us know if you’d like to add this treatment to your lawn care program.

USDA fireant map


Controlling Fire Ants
By Laurence Mudge and Zac Reicher, Ph.D.

The red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) is found in 14 states in the southern part of the U.S., from Florida to California. Their aggressive stinging when disturbed can cause burning and itching followed by pustules and potentially secondary infections, or nausea, chest pains, or worse in hyper-sensitive individuals.

What to look for: Mounds up to 10-12″ high can appear anywhere but are most common in open sunny areas of the golf course.

Lifecycle: New reproductive females and winged males are produced by an existing colony and typically mate during warm spring and summer months. A single mated queen establishes a new colony by laying eggs in a sealed hole in the soil. The emerging larvae are fed by the queen until they pupate and tiny worker ants emerge and forage for food. The queen eventually is fed by the workers and continues to lay eggs with a year-old colony containing up to 15,000 individuals.

How soon does it go to work: Topchoice takes anywhere from 4-6wks to setup an breakdown into the soil. Applied early in the year is recommended.

Fire ant solutions from Higher Ground by Bayer

  • Topchoice® is a fipronil-based granular product that provides up to 12 months control of fire ants by controlling existing mounds in addition to preventing new infestations. When applied for fire ants, it can also control mole crickets, fleas and ticks for a more limited time (1-4 months depending on the insect).
  • Topchoice can be applied in the APHIS Imported Fire Ant Quarantine areas in Puerto Rico, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North and South Carolina Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and the Coachella Valley in California. Refer to the USDA APHIS Imported Fire Ant Quarantine map.
  • Topchoice is a restricted use product due to potential toxicity to aquatic invertebrates yet is extremely safe for pets and children. It can be purchased and used only by Certified Applicators or persons under their direct supervision and only for those uses covered by the Certified Applicator’s certification.



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